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  VIP executive Tete     star.gif (356 バイト)star.gif (356 バイト)star.gif (356 バイト)star.gif (356 バイト)star.gif (356 バイト)
  place near the bridge. Landmark of city..
  price 5,000 MZN = 130US$  / room with breakfast  
  date 2015/07
  comment Famous 4 star hotel. Worth of paying. Good service, nice breakfast, clean room. They have a wheelchair accessible room #101. I stayed there. Free taxi service to the airport. Wonderful stay !


  MMA Pensao   
  place about 3km south from the bridge. near the new bridge..
  price 700 MZN = 20US$  / room with breakfast 
  date 2015/07
  comment I happened to find this motel at night when I got off mini bus from the border of Malawi. Just only 1 night sleep. Public toilet and shower have steps, but I could use the water. Hotel price is not cheep in Mozambique. I moved 4 star hotel the next morinig. 

# my personal 5 star evaluation for wheelchair users.

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